You and Me, We Arculture

Arculture is an emerging web platform for cultural aware people who ar inspired by the streets. If Fashion, Music and Art make your hart-bpm go up to a 140-dubstep baseline, you're in the right place. Here you will find those narly jeans which ar torn and worn way before you'll meet The Jetson Family. That shirt which makes you feel like a million bucks. Being poor is no shame but being ashamed of it is. It's a Hub, a place were everything comes together. No more boundaries; why shop in one country when you can have the world? Shoes from England, a shirt from the USA, it's all possible. Our goal is to be the best online clothing store, by empowering you to browse and compare all premium clothing web stores you trust, all in 1 place. All you have to do is visit one place, that's it. No more browsing different web stores, you don't even have to remember them anymore. We do it all for you, so sit back, relax, make a choice and shine like you're going H.A.M

We ar imaginative, we ar the chosen youth, and sure as hell we ar the youthfully spirited of the future. Please do remember
"imagination is more important than knowledge".

Arculture awareness

By purchasing items you are supporting a good cause. 10% of all profits will go to the Arculture Awareness fund. Here we will start up our own projects for the benefits of others. Since everybody is an influencer, it's very important that everybody is aware of his or her influence on the people around them.


Arculture is an Amsterdam based startup, which originated about 6 years ago. Back then Mike was on welfare, chilling, sipping on multiple cans of beer and playing Tony Hawk on the X-box, when all of a sudden he had an epiphany. He wanted to open up a web shop for clothing and lifestyle brands. Unfortunately he went on sipping on some more cans of beer. Years later he met Anne, who turned out to be the missing link that he was waiting for.

At the beginning of the year '11 Arculture popped into existence. Two culturally aware blokes from Amsterdam with a childlike creativity, purity and honesty put all their daily chores on hold to go full throttle ahead in developing this passionate business idea.

Arculture originated from our own quest for style. When we were hanging out in mayor capitols, we noticed the lack of guidance to the spots where we would bump into people we relate to. Where can we find the more exclusive street style? What parties should we go to? Where is the epic centre of the flourishing street culture? Of course we asked the locals to guide us, we even drove all around town and finally we were able to create a map of the city, pointing out every spot that fits our beliefs.

What we do for you

Arculture is a map guiding you through the infinite World Wide Web, but only pointing out the garments that fit your standards. You don't have to hardly anything, only consummate the information you want to consummate. Arculture defines street culture on every level. We provide a range of premium brands originated from pure street culture. Arculture is here to support you in finding everything you need, all in 1 place.


We will deliver information on the places to be, blogs to check, party's to visit. Everything on Lifestyle, Fashion, Music and Art. this way we can create a global street culture platform. We are the global epic centre of street culture for those who are cultural aware and in need of up to date, refreshing and on the edge information. In core business we give you a global platform, with our goal to inspire, motivate and inform you on your interests. We also want to share are passion for the influential impact every individual haves on all people around them.

So what can you do for us?

Just be the best you can be, don't hate, but facilitate. Try to inspire people, with your humor, positivity and creativity. Be aware of your influence on the people around you.
It's strong, use it wisely.

May the force be with you young padawan.