Selected by: Clyde Semmoh Juni

  Clyde Semmoh kicks off the SELECTED     series by showcasing his choice of the     most stylish and exclusive items on the   website.

  Former pro skateboard champion and             celebrated DJ Clyde Semmoh always had a       big thing for style. Even before he made a       professional move into fashion as the initial     Dutch agent of Stüssy in the glorious hey days of the brand, his wardrobe, including an impressive sneaker collection was photographed for several magazines. He was also the pusher behind Rockwell, the clothing brand by skate buddy and illustrator Parra. After more then a decade at Stüssy, Clyde started working as a stylist for magazines like Code, Streetwear Today, Esquire and brands like Adidas and Nike.These days he is still styling, DJing & a Promoter with the KISS Escort Collective.

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